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Social Security Disability Lawyer in Miami

When is the Right Time to Consult with a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Miami?

In America, disabled workers all over the country receive Social Security Disability benefits. These workers will receive a predetermined amount of money each month to help make their lives easier. Unfortunately, this represents just a fraction of the people who should receive social security and disability benefits. Social security cases remain complex areas of the law, often necessitating a professional social security disability lawyer’s intervention.

A professional law firm with experience in social security disability claims can go a substantial way to ensuring you get what you deserve when meeting all qualifications. The claims process remains notably overwhelming for many individuals, and even in situations where you may qualify, your claim may remain delayed for years if not denied.

In these instances, a professional social security disability lawyer in Miami like our team from Martinez Roman Goehl is essential for a positive outcome. Read on to learn more.

Why Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Miami?

The most important reason to seek out a legal professional to help with a disability case is that their assistance increases the chances for your approval. Some individuals who apply on their own indeed get approved for benefits. However, Social Security remains more likely to approve applicants with legal counsel than those without.

From initially applying to reaching the hearing phase and beyond, a social security disability lawyer will comprehensively understand how to present your case in the most favorable light. The lawyer can offer advice and guidance and additionally argue that your condition meets Social Security’s listed impairments.

Professional legal intervention can help you focus on the facts while actively persuading Social Security. They will collect relevant medical evidence, obtain opinions from qualified professionals, and draft detailed briefs to optimize outcomes.

The earlier you contact an attorney, the better. If you are even considering filing a social security disability claim, you contact a social security disability lawyer in Miami from Martinez Roman Goehl right away for a consultation.

Social Security Claim Delays and Denials

When you apply for a social security disability claim, you must understand the process often drags on for an extended period before you even receive approval or denial. The average waiting time for social security disability claims stands at four to six months. If you make a mistake or submit the wrong paperwork, this can exacerbate waiting times, further drawing out the process.

Legal professionals experienced with SSD claims can streamline the necessary procedures to hasten the overall process. This includes if doctors and other professionals delay sending necessary records and information, a social security disability lawyer will expedite all processes involved with the claim.

For individuals that file SSD claims on their own, they will receive one of only two outcomes. This is an approval or a denial from the Social Security Administration. When a claim gets denied, you may still deserve to receive SSD benefits and can seek an appeal.

Disability appeals remain even more complicated and time-consuming than the initial applications. A social security disability lawyer in Miami like Martinez Roman Goehl is even more crucial during this point.

Attorneys will take the necessary time to collect extensive evidence from medical specialists on your behalf. They can then present evidence to make the case as strong as possible to increase the overall chances of approval.

Although nothing guarantees SSD claim approval, legal intervention improves the chances with an efficient, seamless process guided by a legal professional.

Miami Social Security Disability Lawyers | Martinez Roman Goehl

You can hire a social security disability attorney before or after filing a claim. It is never too late to hire legal assistance, no matter where you are in the process. Nevertheless, the earlier you hire a professional the better, you’ll increase the chances of attaining benefits sooner.

Martinez Roman Goehl serves all of South Florida, Hablamos Español. A social security disability lawyer in Miami from our team can help you apply. If denied, we’ll handle your appeal. We’ll meet with your doctors and other medical professionals to present the best possible case.

Find the best possible firm for your needs in Martinez Roman Goehl, responsive, aggressive, and experienced. To learn more about social security disability claims and how our legal professionals can assist you in the South Florida area, visit our offices conveniently located in Miami Lakes and Hollywood, call or email us at:



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