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Workers’ Compensation in Miami

Florida Workers’ Compensation Claims

Florida workers’ compensation is designed to provide Florida workers who become injured or ill on the job a form of financial security. Workers’ compensation benefits include income replacement, permanent disability, and reimbursement for medical treatment and other associated expenses.

However, each year, victims all over the United States file millions of workers’ compensation claims attempting to receive compensation for medical costs, lost wages, as well as mental anguish. Although some complete the process with little strife, so many others aren’t so lucky.

Countless employers and their insurance companies attempt to evade responsibility for injuries that occur within the workplace. This is just one of the numerous reasons workers who are injured on the job stand to benefit from partnering with legal firms for workers’ compensation in Miami and all of Florida at large.

Legal professionals can assist victims by facilitating communication and negotiating with medical and insurance specialists. They will offer guidance and legal advice on how and when to fill out and file crucial paperwork while also explaining complex and convoluted legal procedures to their clients in terms that make sense.

What Do Legal Firms for Workers’ Compensation in Miami Do?

Experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can help victims of workplace injury and illness pursue the benefits they rightfully deserve. Our firm Martinez Roman Goehl assists clients in obtaining competent medical care when injured on the job quickly.

When a workers’ compensation insurance adjuster cannot settle a workers’ compensation case, a legal professional can help employees settle workers’ compensation claims by serving as an advocate. In workers’ compensation situations, employers often feel more concerned about their well being instead of resolving the matter in their employee’s best interest.

A workers’ comp specialist protects a victim’s legal right and the worker’s ability to pursue benefits after enduring a devastating experience. For the best possible outcome, securing representation from a firm for workers’ compensation in Miami and South Florida remains crucial.

Martinez Roman Goehl is a full-service legal firm that represents individuals injured within the scope of their employment. One of our various goals is to ensure clients receive the maximum of their workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Firms Can Help After Filing a Claim

Many workers’ compensation claimants often find it beneficial to consult with an attorney before entering further into the tricky legal waters associated with employer/employee litigation.

The process of filing a claim might seem simple enough without legal advice from a professional. Nevertheless, partnering with a workers’ compensation specialist enables victims to begin a working relationship with their attorneys early on. Furthermore, this gives a lawyer the necessary time to become familiar with the victims’ case, which is a potential benefit when the claims process is more complicated than expected.

An attorney has the knowledge and experience to assist with filing all of the appropriate documents with the workers’ compensation system. They will extend these services further to gather proper documentation from other parties like doctors and healthcare providers.

Finally, the utilize verbiage and information included in the documents may expedite the case. A legal professional experienced with workers’ compensation in Miami ensures that you stand the best chance at the smoothest potential claims procedure.

Claims for Workers’ Compensation in Miami, FL | Miami Worker’s Compensation Lawyers | Martinez Roman Goehl

Attorneys are experts at recovering workers’ compensation benefits for employees that experience an injury while at work or develop an illness due to workplace conditions. They can assist you with proving the extent of injuries, in addition to fighting uncooperative, underinsured, or uninsured employers.

These services may begin with seemingly standard requirements like meeting filing deadlines for the claim. Still, experienced attorneys possess the skills to argue claims in front of the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation when a workers’ compensation claim faces contest or denial.

As a citizen of Florida, you have the right to receive acknowledgment and compensation following workplace injuries. Many employers and their insurance representatives attempt to deny victims this right.

Caring and compassionate lawyers for workers’ compensation in Miami work tirelessly to assist their clients to pursue the benefits they deserve. 

Martinez Roman Goehl serves all of South Florida with offices conveniently located in Miami Lakes and Hollywood. We meet with medical professionals and experts for clients and respond to insurance companies and employers in turn with aggressive experience in these matters.

Our law firm will work for the best possible resolution while defending our clients’ rights to receive the compensation they deserve. Reach out to us today for assistance with an application, appeal, and litigation. Call or email us at:



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