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Mark Saulnier v. Thrive HR and Guarantee Insurance

OJCC# 13-009206, Tampa District, JCC Spangler

Primary Issue: Claimant Trial Fees

Summary: The verified fee petition sought payment of $120,050.00 based upon 343 attorney hours at $350 per hour. In contrast, the E/C asserted only 31.7 hours at $250 were reasonable, resulting in a fee of $7,925. The JCC found the itemized time entries of the petition were dominated with generalities and duplications. Concluding the time alleged was excessive, the JCC reduced the reasonable hours to 60 and determined the appropriate hourly rate was $275. Claimant’s attorney fees AWARDED in the sum of $16,500.00. Claimant appealed and the First DCA AFFIRMED the decision per curiam.